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Flowers the aromatherapy and remedies for empower

Standing in the middle of the Lavender field in Provence, breathing in the rebirth scent filled in the air, the words I read from Claire Harvey books “ Practitioner’s Encyclopedia Flowers the Remedies appeared in my mind. “I cannot imagine a life without flowers and the magic and joy that they bring. Have you ever felt happier and uplifted by surrounding yourself with fresh flowers., and have been especially attracted to certain kinds of blooms, or found solace strolling among fields or gardens filled with flowering plans? If so you have already experienced the therapeutic power of flowers”

It made me think of a skincare brand Fleurissent’s that I tried a month ago because of their floral ingredients and philosophy

With mind skin approach and belief in flowers, Fleurissent discovered the flowers have a power to help improve the quality of life for every person we touch, physically and emotionally if we create a wholeness connection with self, nature and flowers.

product and flowers in a field

Dr. Claudia Harvey found that “Since the dawn of time we have instincly known that flowers can lift our spirits and make us feel well again. Flowers and their remedies feature in the traditional healing practices in many cultures around the world. They play an important role in restoring or evoking a sense of harmonizing in mind body and spirit. This concept of wholeness is a recurring theme in many ancient philosophies and now Fleurissent rediscovers its relevance. Symbolizing love and friendship, flowers have always been a source of pleasure and happiness- of healing in its quintessential form. From the sensuous rose to the humble daisy, the delicate blooms adorning gardens, fields, mountainsides, wood lands …possess special qualities that can ease emotional distress, boost self-confidence life energy level, increase resilience.

However, most of the skincare brand just focus on physical safe and topical skin treatment but dismiss the emotional affect on the skin and body. “We are at last emerging from a time when good health is interpreted as the absence of disease. True wellbeing is something that lies beyond this limited concept, encompassing contentment and security, peace of mind and an abundance of vitality that is essential if our love are to be enjoyable and fulfilling. Many accent and native cultures believe that everything in nature is infused with a vital energy, the spark of life. Wise men living several thousands years ago proposed that when mind, body and spirit are perfectly integrated, this life force abounds, bringing with it a real sense of health and happiness. The way to obtain such inner harmony they claimed is to respect nature and her ways:”

One way is to connect to nature to calm down, get focused and boost your mood. Inhaling their flower scents is a powerful form of natural therapy. Here are some my favorite connection ways

  • Read book on a bench in the rose garden on a Sunday morning is truly a peaceful resilience time, or just close my eyes and take a deep breath of rose scent around.
  • Take a walk in the nature
  • Set a routine selfcare time for your mind and skin. Choose your favorite skincare brand that natural and offer both skin and mind therapeautic to enjoy the fragrance and have great benefit for skin. For me, I use Fleurissent, I love the scent of flowers and all floral infused ingredients are really rich and nourishing for both mind and skin. Everynight, I schedule a great quality me time 30 minutes, no electronic devices and interruption.

I started with a 15m warm bath with Rose scent, the put on Fleurissent Revitalizing Radiance Rose Mask and turn on the mindfulness and relaxation music, sound, the scent of rose on my face and feeling warm in the bath instantly relax my body and my mind. I just close my eyes and feel I can’t take enough my elegant sweet rose scent that transport met to the Rose field in Grasse, South of France.

The next 15minutes, I gently massage the skin (with touch) with the fine rice particle of face mask to stimulate the blood circulation and exfoliate dead skin cells, and following with the face cream:  gently press apply the cream on the face, put my hand together in front of the nose, close my eyes and breath in and out deeply to enjoy the scent. I can feel my skin is “happy” and ready to deep well rest, waking up in the fresh mind glowing skin.

In the article “An Environmental Approach to Positive Emotion: Flowers,” Haviland-Jones writes: “Flowers have immediate and long-term effects on emotional reactions, mood, social behaviors and even memory for both males and females.” 

She notes that fragrant flowers such as these can be powerful mood boosters:

  • Rose
  • Lavender
  • Peony
  • Ylang
  • Jasmine
  • Bitter orange
  • Freesia
  • Heliotrope
  • Chamomile
peony flowers

Immerse myself in the flowers- texture, colors, scent and let go all the worrisome and wake up in a fresh smooth pluming skin, I am back to myself again, fresh, pure, real and beautiful as the first time I came to this earth.

a woman holding her face

From the Journey of Discovery.